Thank you! I found this quite profound.

We really do fixate on peculiar things about ourselves... while being truly dismissive about what others perceive.

In the final analysis, which point of view is most important?

The answer is found in this question: do you consider your mirror your enemy or your friend? Don’t know about you, but I like having as many friends as possible.

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Ok mixed feelings always making me tear up and bringing the most profound advice !!!

"We’re not designed to live permanently in that phase of electric yearning. But that’s not to say the feeling disappears. It morphs, instead, into a different breed of affection — one with an altogether different texture." This !!

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this article was ummm GORGEOUS and riveting. i never comment on emails (i had to make an account just to do this), but damn it was just too good!

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This may be my favourite one from you yet - as someone who has reached the second stage of a relationship.

Beautifully written that I teared up about it and I couldn't tell you why. It just felt...romantic to read about the stages of love (a graduation into an equally romantic, if less physically-wrought commitment) and the section about Emma was sweet. The metamorphosis of love is what got to me. I would love to quote a section to notes, but I can't pick a favourite paragraph. All of it was wonderfully written.

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