what movies/tv shows actually portray sex in a realistic way?

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retail therapy

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge. Here are some things that are bringing us joy right now.

  1. Neutrogena Light Sesame Moisturizing Body Oil, $9.59: “I’m tempted to gate keep this because I know it could end up impossible to find like my beloved face moisturizer after its TikTok blowup. But this body oil is life changing. It smells a little bit expensive, like the subtle scent they pump into a fancy hotel. It leaves a glowy sheen on the skin that feels very “Italian super model” to me—sexy in a “traipsing through the outdoor market on a hot Tuscan morning” way. I’ve never done that, but this little body oil gives what I can only imagine is a comparable serotonin boost. That, and it’s the first product I bought with my own money as a teen and it makes me feel like a grown up lady.” — Lily di Costanzo, creative @ mixed feelings

  2. Hades Alphabet M Cardigan, $245 : “Recommending this $245 cardigan kind of makes me want to slap myself in the face, but when I was thinking about things I’ve truly been loving over the past few weeks this kept invading my mind. I have worn this almost every day since the end of December and I’ve yet to wash it because I am a disgusting human. It’s hard to justify recommending such an expensive sweater, but I’ve gotten more wear out of it than my last splurge (shoes) because I can wear it for any occasion—with sweatpants around the house, layered over collared shirts for work, or paired with mini skirts at dinner with friends. I can tell the soft material isn’t going to pill or pull as I wear it for years to come and the big pink “M” monogram makes it feel so special. ” — Mi-Anne Chan, editorial @ mixed feelings

  3. Farmacy Better Daze Ahead Moisturizer, $68: “It’s full-on winter in NYC, I’m in distress, and so is my skin. I’m not a dermatologist by any means, but I will say that this moisturizer with CBD hemp oil somehow takes my skin from salad-crouton levels of dry to fresh-baked bread softness—all while leaving me grease-free. I love CBD in all it’s forms so it’s somehow poetic that it would plaster my face with it every morning. I think this is getting discontinued so RUN to Sephora if you want to try it out!” — Logan Tsugita, art @ mixed feelings

  4. Staff The Hangars, $50: “Every day I hang up my silly little clothes on these silly little hangers. They’re so delightful and amusing—mostly because they are completely unnecessary in life. The mundane becomes magical when your practical objects act as decor, and these are my favorite opulent accessory in my apartment. I am messy but these encourage me to put my clothes away and honestly if you leave them out, they’re still really cute!” — Berit Anderson, social @ mixed feelings