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i grew up with older parents too and its lovely to hear abt the other side of it beyond the fear - the wisdom, intimacy ... thank u 💛

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I had my children early (at age 25 and 27) while going to law school and for most of it as a single parent. My life was stressful, chaotic and

mostly joyful. When I started working I always felt as if I was not doing justice to one role (mother) or the other (lawyer). My daughters both delayed having their children (one son each) born when my older daughter was pop

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« What matters is that you feel passionately about the work you do and that you feel passionately about raising a human being; if you are able to embed love, compassion, humility, and a sense of humour into all of your ambitions, you cannot “fail,” even when you misstep. »

This is so spot on! The pursuit is not perfection, but passion!

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love the bit at the end that acknowledges how life is filled with mistakes no matter how carefully or thoughtfully you plan. mistakes are inevitable and having a compassionate, kind, and honest approach to life will serve one much better than trying to always make the “right” decisions only to find out that the “right” decision can and will have its own unforeseen consequences.

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I'm a 31 yo F filmmaker and get incredible validation from this. You're not alone, you're valid. The feelings of stress, anxiety, and grief make sense. As I go through my own version of these feelings, I'm realizing that the most peace I can achieve is in accepting my feelings and the situations I find myself in. Fighting those emotions causes me the most pain. I have a lot of wants to start a family and find career success. But, like you, I want to reach them responsibly and know most things are out of our control. I always hear 'You'll never be ready', and while there's merit to that - we know ourselves best. So kindly, trust that. All in all, the combination of -- trusting myself, accepting what's out of my control, and accepting my wants and fears -- has been most helpful to me as I seek a solution. Know you're in good company, and you're valid. Best to you as life happens, wishing you all the things you seek!


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