what song should I cry to on my way home??(a thread)

This is our Friday community post. Let’s laugh, and talk, and cry together <3

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retail therapy

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge. Here are some things that are bringing us joy right now.

  1. Bearaby Tree Napper, $269: “As someone who's depression chronically makes me push away, having a weighted and soft blanket feels like a hug most days. It definitely helps fight the winter blues.”— Tatiana Glover, social @ mixed feelings

  2. Plasma Lighter, $26 : “This thing will make you a wizard. It’s a fact!!! Just charge up this electric (and rechargeable) lighter and click the button for a stream of electricity that makes lighting candles 29485% more fun.” — Mi-Anne Chan, editorial @ mixed feelings

  3. Death’s Door, $19.99: “IMO video games are an art form as much as they are entertainment and Death's Door, an isometric action-adventure game from indie developer, Acid Nerve, 100% blurs that line. On top of its quirky character design, moody music, and visual appeal it is the perfect mix of story, puzzles, and hack and slash. It’s available on all platforms—I have it for my Switch!" — Logan Tsugita, art @ mixed feelings

  4. Youth To The People Vitamin C+Clean Caffeine Serum, $68: “My morning skincare routine is honestly one the few rituals I keep up with and this serum really wakes me and my skin up. I always like to affirm that I have my own inner glow (lolol). If you’re the same, then get this!” — T.G.