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retail therapy

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge. Here are some things that are bringing us joy right now.

  1. Maison Margiela Beach Walk Eau de Toilette, $108: “I remember reading in a teen magazine that a good way to combat the ‘winter blues’ was to wear coconut-y sunscreen all year round. Well, in the depths of winter I still rely on scents that remind me of summer sweating—in a sensual way— to drag myself through gray, gray New York. I’ve seen people on TikTok talk about how there’s no better feeling than taking a shower and going out to dinner in a little denim skirt and rubber flip-flops after a long, hot day at the beach. This is the smell of that sensation and it pretty much works as a SAD-blocker. That and it makes me smell nice ;) .” — Lily di Costanzo, creative @ mixed feelings

  2. Juicy Couture Kerri Cold Weather Ankle Boots, $33.99: “As a comfortable shoe advocate, celebrities bringing the mini Ugg boot back as an acceptable out-of-the-house shoe is a current moment in fashion that serves me well. Naturally, I was eager to hop on the trend but wasn't as excited to pay the over-$100 price tag (sorry UGGs). I came across these Juicy Couture look-a-likes on TikTok and immediately bought them. In the video, the creator picks off the diamontes but I personally love them. Now I'm wearing slippers everywhere (yes, even out with my friends).” — Laura Pitcher, writer

  3. A Short Hike, $8: “I love to spend my solo time unwinding with a cute little video game that requires minimum effort. In ‘A Short Hike’ you play as a bird named Claire who has to go on a hike because she NEEDS cell reception. Do you ever have those dreams where you’re gently flying through fluffy clouds? That’s exactly what the flight mechanism feels like in this game. It’s filled with fun side quests and dialogue that actually made me lol. It only takes a couple hours to complete and—no spoilers—but let’s just say it ends with a really heartwarming payoff.” — Logan Tsugita, art @ mixed feelings

  4. Podangle, $12.34: “Calling all fellow narcissists!!! This is my new go-to phone accessory (made out of recycled ocean plastic which I love).  Despite having a TV, I watch an embarrassing amount of content on my phone and this customizable stand is 10000% better than all the pop sockets out there. I know it feels like an unnecessary accessory but once you have one I swear it will make you that much more addicted to your phone. I prop my phone up with it to take daily fit pics or use it to re-watch Euphoria while brushing my teeth. I take this with me everywhere!” — Berit Anderson, social @ mixed feelings