Sitemap - 2022 - mixed feelings

2022 cry recap

i miss having a best friend

unhinged gifts i want

we'll never eat the rich if we're talking about their infidelity

my bf has to be right about everything

a funeral to my straight self

i recently came out, but i still feel like i’m hiding…

6 ways to be a friend that are 100% free

i’m confused about my mixed race identity

my room at 2:58am

i practically begged my therapist to diagnose me

friends are dropping out of my life like flies have social anxiety

i'm worried i'm becoming annoying, but i can't stop

how to hobby your way out of a crisis

if I leave my job, will I still be “cool”?

"you will bleed for these shoes"

i want to be openly bi, but for what reason at this point?

i'm addicted to the ego-boost of checking my own IG stories

do I keep my friends just for instagram photos?

should i tell my bff to break up with her boyfriend?

should i be upset that i don't have a partner?

am I unoriginal?

why is posting so easy and talking IRL so hard?

what was the moment you realized you were in a toxic friendship?

do i owe my friends digital transparency?

how do i tell her i don’t want to be friends anymore?

“i can’t help but think life would be better if i weighed less.”

what movies/tv shows actually portray sex in a realistic way?

i'm 24 and i've never kissed anyone

"how do I tell my new friends about the old me?"

tell me about a time when you stalked someone online and it came back to bite you

"i keep stalking people on social media who are no longer in my life."