Sitemap - 2023 - mixed feelings

statement tops! but make them vers(atile)

singing in Simlish

who have i really been wearing dresses for?

unhinged gifts i want

it's high time we DTF (define the friendship)

pH-1 is just like his dog: awkward around people

i'm (f28) in love with my best friend (f27)

introducing...the mixed feelings x FEAST Talking Hearts Collection

audrey nuna wants a funnel cake revolution

ziwe's score on wikiFeet is 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

AITA for thinking my partner and I need to like the same things?

celebrity memoirs create the perfect "redemption arc"

tommy dorfman's computer is protected by ⭐️CHRISTINA AGUILERA⭐️

scientifically speaking, spoilers don't matter

every single way to wear a ballet flat

“chaser” and “nft” mean something else in the sonny angel universe

it feels like my body is going "out of style" again

amanda quach is famously too pretty to cry over a man

i've left my true style behind to look like everyone else on my FYP...

hard launching mixed feelings in nyc <3

why do we still care about being pretty when we cry?

friends are dropping out of my life like flies

doll collecting is hotter than ever, but is the stigma really gone?

so, what's the etiquette around college acceptances?

i want to be openly bi, but for what reason at this point?

rayne fisher-quann is a natural exhibitionist

is it ok to psychoanalyze your friends?

why do i lose interest as soon as they like me back?

i'm literally never not wearing this blush

new yorkers answer: is it acceptable to ghost?

that one time phoebe bridgers compared claud to the plain white t's

will giving up social media actually make me happy?

the bella swan hair tuck is a coded language

i want to smell like a cookie, but also like a h*e

f*ck ghosting

who gets to see your location?

hunter harris is waiting for you to bring up nicole kidman

lip combos that would make AI jealous

how jia tolentino wants to go✌️

how much therapy is too much?

tops that won't cause emotional damage

the shrinking influence of “it girls”

spiraling into hell with @manicpixiememequeen

am i the asshole bc i don't want my s/o to fix her teeth?


why does it irk me when straight people use the term "partner"?

what the girl group member you identified with says about you (everything)

wallet-friendly swimwear: it's what's for dinner

i hate the term biological clock, but lately I feel like it's been ticking

should i accept my codependency & learn to cope with being alone?

targeting the caged ballerina in you

i'm changing, and some of my friends don't like the new me

why we should be allowed to talk during movies

the "best friendship" shortlist: tv, film, & books

A24 x Joya giveaway just for you 😭🎀

i broke up with my bff & i still feel like i'm mourning

"a girl at night on the internet"

am i hiding who i am because of the way i dress?

what if my friend group likes my new friend more than they like me?

invite: try our buns! 😈

it feels like my body is going "out of style" again

boundaries are HOT

how do i set boundaries with...myself?